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About us

HauteLogic is an innovative solution by Visionet Systems Inc. a leading technology consulting firm headquartered in Cranbury, NJ. Visionet created HauteLogic by distilling over two decades of experience developing and implementing digital enterprise solutions for leading fashion and apparel brands. We are dedicated to excellence in design, delivery, and support, and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

HauteLogic’s modular fashion management solution enables seamless fashion management that allows you to control all aspects of your brand. HauteLogic promises to deliver the future at your doorstep so that you can continuously expand your reach towards digital transformation.

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Our Vision

To establish and maintain market leadership in fashion solutions by delivering a high-quality customer experience throughout the engagement cycle and cultivating knowledge to provide superior customer advisory services.

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Our Journey

Spanning 25+ years of fashion apparel and footwear and retail experience, HauteLogic specializes in retail consulting and business solutions implementation. We have consistently delivered fashion management solutions for reputable clients and have maintained a reputation in meeting all client’s unique requirements.

Our continuous growth in leadership, technological prowess and client satisfaction has enabled us to accelerate intelligent demand and supply planning implementation. Furthermore, HauteLogic’s prowess in digital sourcing, wholesale, eCommerce, POS/Store operations, and supply chain integration delivers a composable and configurable solution that is crafted according to customer needs.

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