HauteLogic for Apparel Management

An end-to-end cloud software solution for fashion, apparel and footwear companies to achieve omnichannel success.

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Production Planning

Manage your production planning to generate long-term and short-term production schedules based on sales forecasts, sales bookings, and distribution or inventory forecasts, with the ability to run multiple simulations, empowering you to come up with a best-fit production plan.

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Utilize complete MRP functionality to explode multilevel BOM and generate buy plans for components based on net requirements, pegged inventory, safety stock, and order quantity levels. Monitor material stock-outs and auto-generate suggested safety stocks based on heuristics.

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Shop Floor Management

Production teams can run in-house apparel production operations with full shop-floor controls parallel to CMT outsourced and FPP import models. The ability to run multiple production models enables fashion companies to experiment around with supply models, balance time vs cost, experiment, and decide on future expansion.

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Apparel Management

Purpose-built for apparel manufacturing, material transfers to CMT contractors, and material issuances to in-house shop floors are seamless and effortless. A built-in advanced warehouse management system ensures accuracy and gives material managers more control.

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Production Costing

HauteLogic Apparel Manufacturing solution provides complete visibility into estimated vs actual costs of finished goods, material consumption, resources (human/machinery), contractor services, and direct, indirect, fixed, or variable overheads. Complete tracking of work in progress ensures accurate financial reporting.

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Quality Management

Attain more accurate ATS, customer promising, pricing, and promotional discounts by quarantining second-quality receipts or returns.

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