HauteLogic for Fashion Wholesale

An end-to-end cloud software solution for fashion, apparel and footwear wholesale supply chain management.

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Product Design

Manage your seasonal product design and development in a simple and easy-to-use HauteLogic PLM Light solution or utilize HauteLogic predefined integration for more sophisticated third-party PLM solutions.

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Consolidate multichannel demand projection, define supply forecasts, and execute seasonal buy plans & plan vendor deliveries. Use a built-in demand forecasting tool or integrate with purpose-built third-party planning solutions.

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Global Sourcing

Feel empowered with a complete global package sourcing solution built for fashion, apparel and footwear. Maximize supply efficiency and responsiveness through highly collaborative vendor onboarding, purchase issuance, and purchase milestone tracking.

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Order Management

Drive higher customer satisfaction by ensuring delivery completeness, sizing quantity accuracy, and on-time delivery using intelligent demand allocation, automated bulk drawdowns, and continuous partner communication through PartnerLinQ EDI.

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Plan, schedule, and control inbound and outbound transportation to ensure consistency, reliability, and dependability of the logistics network using the collaboration portal and PartnerLinQ EDI to communicate with freight forwarders, vendors, agents, customers, and shipping carriers.

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Increase warehouse productivity and efficiency using advanced warehouse management processes. Implement highly configurable process flows for inbound and outbound work orders. Maximize warehouse inventory accuracy using fully system-directed flows.

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Inventory Management

Classify inventory to optimize bottom line capital, conduct continuous cycle counts to maintain inventory accuracy, and avoid shortages and overages. Segregate multichannel inventory to ensure demand fulfillment of individual channels.

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Manage actual landed cost and purchase price variance to quantify true profitability. Execute controls on procurement, payments, and expenditures. Create budgetary plans and allocate departmental expenses. Measure operating units and departmental profit and loss.

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